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Corporate Entertainer

The Magic

Comedy Magician/Illusionist Brent Smith says:

"Owning the magic shop in Calgary allows me to offer only the best and most recent in
magical entertainment for my valued clients."


NEW!!  Mentalism Meyhem - Brent is the only Magician in Canada licensed and authorized,  to perform this amazing Mentalism routine to his clients. You will not find it any other place, other than LAS VEGAS where Mac King performs this amazing Feat*. Here's what happens .......Have the CEO or president of your company read the minds of the people in your audience while Blindfolded. Any object in the room is held up and the person YOU picked will know instantly what items has been chosen while his back is turned and with a blindfold on. With lots of Comedy and Laughs in this routine, you pick the person, item and NOTHING is set up before hand. Find this too amazing to be true......Not with Brent Smith's Mentalism Mayhem. You will only find this here and no where else.


Strolling Magic - Brent Smith's strolling magic is unbelievable! He can make potatoes and lemons appear in your glass or make a card, which you have personally signed appear in a sealed envelope that is inside a zippered wallet. Be prepared to be dazzled and amazed as Brent moves through the crowd making everyone feel welcome and at ease, giving a personal magic show in the palm of your guests.


Close-Up Magic - This style of magic is great for restaurants, conventions and trade shows. In fact, Brent can incorporate your company's message into his magic show so your company will be remembered days later. Cards, coins, rope, glasses, pens… it doesn't matter, Brent can do close up magic with just about anything, and in just about any situation.


Umbrella Routine - This show involves making umbrellas and even live animals appear as if by magic. A variety of unbelievable productions and manipulations are performed to up-beat music. Brent's style of magic puts the audience at ease, and wonderment is soon to follow. The show can range up to 20 minutes in length to suit the occasion.


Stage or Cabaret Show - This show features the comedy magic and fantastic showmanship of Brent Smith. He can include lots of audience participation that can involve a president of a company, someone you need to impress, or someone else the V.I.P of the evening, like you. Brent will have the audience in stitches as he escapes from a straight jacket, burns borrowed money, and even makes his dog disappear. This show can range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.


Illusions - In this production Brent and his beautiful assistant perform stage illusions and an outstanding umbrella routine. The show includes a choice of up to 5 different stage illusions, upbeat music, and, of course, lots of comedy. The show can include the production of a life-sized person from a small dollhouse and an incredible 3-second escape from a locked packing crate. This show can be up to 60 minutes in length.


Kid's Magic - Brent is an award winning magician, and famous for his entertainment at birthday parties. Experience in psychology, from the University of Calgary, allows Brent to talk with children so they understand and, more importantly, listen and enjoy the performance. From making a drawing come to life to making live doves appear, Brent performs tricks that children enjoy and giggle over. He also owns The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary and teaches aspiring magicians magic basics via group lessons, summer camps and personal "one-on-one" lessons. Please note: Kid Magic must be tailored to the appropriate age group. For example, tricks that are aimed at five and six year-olds are not good for children that are ten or older. Brent specifically designs his shows with different age groups in mind.


Don't see what you are looking for? Feel free to contact Brent and ask. Odds are that he has just the thing to suit your occasion.

*as of March 05

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